Driven by the thought to see the birth country of my parents, I travelled to Russia in 2013.
As one of 200.000 descendants of the Russian Mennonites who today live in Germany, my
journey soon took me to my Low German roots in Sibiria. The Low German title “Voderlond”
means fatherland. In the German villages Solnzewka and Petrowka live German Mennonites
until now. Besides Russian they speak a Low German Dialect. In the early nineties a lot of
people imigrated to Germany.

»It seemed like a large funeral for those who stayed.«

As a result of this work, I created a bound book. It begins with a portrait of my father at young
age and gives an insight of my 76 year old aunt who is living in the Russian city Yurga. Together
we took the road to the German villages Solnzewka and Petrowka in the region of Omsk. It’s the
place my parents and grandparents were born.