I was born in a mining city in Northern Siberia where my family lived 
for 20 years.
In 1991, at the age of 7 months my parents and seven older siblings migrated to
Germany where I grew up. I have always tried to understand our origins as a family
both as a German and a Russian citizen. I have at times struggled to understand why
the eldest members of my family who grew up in that far off land were so different than I.

My artistic endeavors have been primarily biographical in which I combine the two
cultures that have constituted my upbringing. By re-creating past memories through
photography and video, I sometimes idealize a place, letting a nation shape what family
means for me. Visual images combined with text in a book or an installation, guide the
viewer through a story on an intimate level to both explore the complexity of my own
family history and the larger impact of multiculturalism.

Over the years I developed an interest in visual storytelling and book design.
I am currently located in Berkeley, California.